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Enterprise BioPKI Network Infrastructure

Index Security provides low cost and easy to use high assurance security solutions for organizations; allowing them to hedge their risk exposure.

Which government act will effect you?
Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Act, HIPAA, Graham Leach Bliley Act, USA Patriot Act, and 21 CFR part 11.

  • Are you in compliance with the law?
  • How do you protect your agency or company economically and securely?
  • Are you sharing data securely with an audit trail of who, what, when and where?

Today we have no choice but to find the best protection for our data networks, with audit trails knowing who is accessing a file and which file. Index Security's Enterprise BioPKI Network Solution offers a radically high level of security for multiple application servers without the need for modification; NO PKI experts, NO lease lines.....It's seamless to the network and user. We use a security appliance, for central administration access to the network.

Using the BioStik ; your SM PKI credential is launched after being verified by your fingerprint to access your network securely as a "Legal ID™. True BioPKI, triple factor authentication to your network.

Demo BioPKI

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This is an affordable, "DoD Grade PKE Security Solution" with variable assurance capabilities including "Triple Factor Authentication" BioPKI, using the BioStik. The embedded PKI solution is a complete Compartmental and Role based Access with Digital Signed Transaction Audit Trails, Fips-140 Encryption, and TS/SCI approved for sharing sensitive data. This is the Ultimate in Data Protection with Strong Transaction Audit trails.

Our Embedded SM PKI is different from other PKI Nightmares on the market. We are front ended using an appliance; NO modification to the backend; No tool box or backend configuration is needed, giving us a distinctive advantage to any solution on the market today.

Why BioPKI Enterprise Network Infrastructure?

- An embedded PKI DoD Grade Security Solution
- Biometric Secured Enterprise PKI Network with “Triple Factor Authentication”
- Complete
Digitally Signed and Encrypted Transaction Audit Trail
FIPS 140 Crypto and Classified DoD Certification
- TS/SCI approved for sharing sensitive data
- Compartmental and Role based Transaction Access
Flexible Secure Remote Access
- Easy deployment
- NO lease lines needed or a PKI Expert.
- NO modification to the backend.
- A PKI Solution that works seamlessly and does not need a “tool box” for the  back end server configuration.
- CAC card integration capable
- Free User Licenses
- Secured Wireless Connection

The BioPKI Network Solution is an appliance based mechanism to grant your users biometrically, digitally signed, audited and FIPS 140 encrypted (Supports up to Type I encryption) access to servers on LANs or especially via the web and remotely; at the same time leave a complete audit trail of transactions, file accesses, including who, what, when, where, and how they did it. Remote, Wireless capabilities are outstanding; even with V-SAT.

Further, a single appliance can seamlessly provide this level of security for multiple application servers without the need for modification. Set up is fast, easy and can be maintained and expanded by your current administrator and team. With the Enterprise "BioPKI Network solution" using Index Security biometric products like the
BioStik, there is no question who is on the other end accessing your network. We can control your servers’ access for all applications, files, downloads and audit all transactions with the utmost security using a PKI server/client application that can be launched biometrically by our BioStik for “Triple factor Authentication”. We are offering a Biometric, BioPKI enabled solution for a whole secured network with Audited Transaction Access. This gives answers as to how to leave all data on your servers and still monitor when data is securely accessed or needed to be downloaded for off site use. Using the BioStik with the PKI Solution; data is biometrically PKI secured and eliminates passwords by the user at the same time insuring identity, especially when mobile. The BioStik also acts a secured data storage device as intended.

For a very long time this kind of solution was only talked about in theory, now Index Security has made it a reality with our technology partners.

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Demo BioPKI

Set up is quick and easy! A Pilot test can be set up in a day. Ask about our coop 60 day Test Pilot program.
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GSA Listed : GS-35F-0756J Item #0005 SIN # 132-33
Index Security is a certified small business, CCR & Pro-Net registered Company;
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The SM PKI Network Solution is Developed, Engineered and Programmed in USA by SecureMethods, Inc., our partnering company.


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