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Demonstration Instructions
for BioPKI "Triple Factor Authentication"

(using the SMPKI and a BioStik)

(Our Demo site is temporarily under construction)

A. Basic instructions for the PKI demo evaluation

If you wish to see how easy our PKI is to use; the SMclient may be downloaded at no charge. Download SMClient click here

When prompted, check the Demo client to download. Install client and restart computer. Go to the test page:

B. Test 1 - PKI --> Two factor Verification test:

With the demo registration installed, it will provide protected (digitally signed, encrypted and audited) access so Go to SM Gateway Protected Applications and test the links. (You actually see Google locked by the Gateway)

C. Test 2- BioPKI
--> Three Factor Verification test:

To demo the BioPKI solution you must have a BioStik™. If you need a sample, please visit the on-line store to purchase a BioStik. Click here.

Using the BioStik™; your SM PKI credential is launched after being verified by your fingerprint to access your network securely as a "Legal_ID™. Biometric access that is simple, easy and mobile.

E-mail us to send you details: email (GSA Listed)

1. Enroll your fingerprints onto the BioStik.

2. Once the demo registration SMclient is installed, you can right click on the icon in the system tray; go to "Configure SM Client, and "Move Registration" to move the client PKI to the BioStik™, thus protecting your credentials and having a "Biometric  PKI" enabled secured solution.

3. Unplug your BioStik™ and restart your computer one last time.

4. Congratulations! You are all done.
Please note that access to the following demo's will only be available after you plug in your BioStik™ and authenticate yourself; so you can test your access to the STL test link:
SM Gateway Protected Applications or STL file access with web folders.

Go to the test page:

With your SM PKI credentials protected and stored on the BioStik; your fingerprint becomes the enabler for "Triple Factor Authentication". All accesses are verified, individually digitally signed, FIPS140 encrypted, authorized, and audited.

D. For your information on Encrypting, Digitally Signing & Sending Secure Email:

Right click on any file and go to the "Lock" option in order to Encrypt & Digitally Sign it. Now you also have the ability to send it via email securely.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance at 866-463-3989, or you can e-mail directly for PKI support at . The SecureMethods experts' will quickly help you accordingly.

Call 800-983-8529 or e-mail us for details or a customized network quotation at email.

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The SM PKI Network Solution is Developed, Engineered and Programmed in USA by SecureMethods, Inc., our partnering company.


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