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Not Every Biometric USB Flash Drive is created equal!
Software is never loaded on your computer for the BioStik to work!

  • Zero interaction with the computer until your fingerprint is authenticated.
  • True ID, True Protection, the Ultimate in Portable USB Flash Drive Security!
  • Protects your personal and company data from others
  • No Software is needed to install on a PC to operate
  • No Software means No Spyware issues, - - just safe computing
  • BioStik will work on Windows, Mac, Linux and  Solaris computers
  • Secure and Portable- you just need a USB port on a computer and your fingerprint

BioStik, the ultimate secure data storage device on the market!

Angelina admits she lost her USB Flash Drive; BUT her information is still protected.

"I lost my USB Flash Drive today with all my company's presentations and client information on it, but I am not worried because I used a BioStik, for transporting my data safely. It is a professional biometric fingerprint secured USB flash drive that only accepts my fingerprint to function and access my information."




This is the easiest and best security device on the market for transporting your digital files securely, from work, home, or school. You must verify and authenticate your fingerprint by scanning it on the
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BioStik  is a portable USB storage device combined with biometric fingerprint scanning technology for a secure way to; transfer, store and transport your information.

There is NO need to load and install software for the BioStik to work.  All the security is built into the flash drive with zero interaction with the computer for authentication. Only after the BioStik is plugged into a USB port and your fingerprint is accepted, does the USB port open and only you have access to your information. Everything is self-contained for simple, secure, portable use.

Keep out unwanted users with individual fingerprint identification and protect your personal and private information.

Only YOU can access your information!

BioStik  biometric fingerprint reader, to access your secured data. Comes in 1 GB and 2 GB secured drives.

Advanced Technology with Ultra-Convenience!

BioStik  is the only true "Hot plug and Play" USB Biometric Fingerprint Secured Flash Drive.

BioStik is Cross-Platform; compatible with Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux.

BioStik No Software needed!
No Passwords to remember!

Special Bonus:
"Password Manager" for downloading.
Load the password manager on your BioStik for as a portable password management security solution.
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"DoD Grade, Level 1 Security PKI Network Solution"

Worried about Sarbanes Oxley Compliance and HIPAA Compliance?

Not using your PKI network because it is too difficult?

Try this Biometric Enterprise BioPKI Network Infrastructure

Use a USB flash Drive, the BioStik, for Biometric Access to your network
................It is the right solution!  Seamless to the user.

What is BioPKI?

BioPKI is an affordable, "DoD Grade, PKI Level 1 Security Network Solution" with variable assurance capabilities including "Triple Factor Authentication", when using the BioStik. The embedded PKI appliance offers a Compartmental and Role based single sign-on Access solution, with a complete digitally signed transaction audit trail, certified FIPS-140 Encryption, is TS/SCI approved for sharing sensitive data and works wirelessly, fully encrypted.

Seamless to the user, easy for the administrators, and NO back-end modification or tool box needed.


Use your BioStik (USB flash Drive) to store and launch your PKI credential onto your BioPKI secured network. The BioStik enables biometric, Personal Identity Verification (PIVaccess to the Secured Enterprise BioPKI Network.

BioPKI is the Ultimate in Data Protection with true ID  and Strong Transaction Audit trails.

For more Biometric Security PKI information click here

Index Security Inc. is partnered with SecureMethods, Inc. to offer the "Enterprise BioPKI Network Infrastructure".
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GSA Listed : GS-35F-0756J Item #0005 SIN # 132-33