BioStik               Security is everyone's responsibility, make it yours...  BioStik          


BioStik   is a biometrically Secured Flash Drive
for all your mobile digital data.

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FCW article on Index security
1. Friday, April 9, 2004 Issue
 Portables sizzle at FOSE
 Tablets, handhelds expand in new directions

 BY Michelle Speir  filed: April 5, 2004

 BioStik in FCW:
2.  Tuesday, May 25, 2004
 The finishing touch
 10 low-cost product add-ons that can improve employee productivity
BY Patrick Marshall and Michelle Speir filed: May 24, 2004
 BioStik in FCW: FCW second article on Index Security's "BioStik" May 25,2004 .


Rochester Insider
 Monday, November 1, 2004
  Fingerprint - access activated, Mr. Bond.'

by David Shein
 BioStik in Rochester Insider  


 4. Sunday October 10, 2004
 Security - Locking Down Your Passwords with KeePass
 by Nick Nelson

 BioStik in article "store KeePass and it's database on a BioStik USB drive "


Biometrics Department of Defense
5. May/June 2005   Vol.01 Issue 4 in Biometric Bulletin
 BioStik and Bio-PKI in Biometrics Features Significantly in FPED-V Trade Show


. October 4, 2006
 Your Apps in your pocket: By Joe Kissell
BioStik in article Go for a drive


Legal Assistant Today
. May/June 2008
 The latest in trial presentation software, hardware and gadgetry: By Milton Hooper
BioStik in article Where Are the Floppy Diskettes and CDs