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New Units
1.  Basic - BioStik 2.0 USB in Rubberized Black Casing
Quick Connect Guide (203 KB)
Complete Manual (275 KB)

Older Units
2.  Basic - BioStik in Grey Casing
Quick Connect Guide (grey) (2.2MB)
Complete Grey-Basic-BioStik manual (15MB)

3.  Admin Feature-BioStik in Black Casing
Quick Connect Guide (black) (2.2MB)
Complete Black Admin BioStik manual (14MB)



MS Excel BioStik admin template sample-click here

Using the new admin feature, you can control your mass deployment of BioStiks by documenting each unique BioStik serial number with each user.

KeePass Password Safe
KeePass stores passwords in a highly encrypted database using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish). The database can be decrypted with a master password or with a BioStik to ensure one more layer of protection on your passwords.



Drivers are only needed for Legacy operating systems.          

Select your operating system below for information, Legacy          driver downloads, and support.        

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