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BioStik FAQ's                 

BioStik™ Series
* The Basic unit holds 5 fingerprint templates (128MB, 256MB, 1 GB, 2 GB)

* The Special "Admin Right Feature," holds 6 fingerprint templates with 2 permanent (128MB, 256MB, 512 MB and 1 GB)

Differentiate Your Unit

Delete All fingerprints

Sharing Basic Unit

Sharing Admin Unit

Caution: Never unplug the BioStik when the Red LED Status Light is blinking. If that is done, the file that was trying to be accessed will end up corrupted and could permanently corrupt the BioStik unit.

Caution: Never tamper with the BioStik casing because the flash drive can self destruct.

Do Not store BioStik in hot or cold areas, or in dusty or dirty areas. These environments can shorten the life of the unit.

Caution: Do Not use detergents, chemicals, or apply fluids to clean the BioStik, especially the sensor.

How to differentiate your unit (Basic/Admin)?

All BioStik™ units that have V0 included in their serial number is the Basic unit. All BioStik™ units that contain V1 in their serial number have the admin feature, except if your serial number is highlighted green; such as     .

In addition, the new 1 GB and 2 GB Basic units have a blue LED light to distinguish Basic from Admin.

How to delete all fingerprints on your BioStik unit?

To delete all fingerprints on a device, one of the last 5/6 fingerprints must be present. One of the old fingerprints registered gives you access to the enroll mode, where you can store new fingerprints or completely erase old fingerprints on the BioStik™.

Just switch the enrollment switch to enroll and plug the BioStik™ into the USB port. You will then see the red light flashing. Scan you fingerprint and the green will flash quickly accepting your print and the orange light will light up. At that point you are in the enrollment mode. Disconnect the BioStik™ from USB port to erase all of the fingerprint templates. You have now completely erased all fingerprint templates on the device. Please follow the directions to rescan fingerprints. We highly recommend leaving a fingerprint on the device at all times.

Reconnect the BioStik™ and the orange light will be on; scan two fingerprints from each hand, and switch back from enrollment mode to normal. At this point, you have scanned your new fingerprint templates on the device.

Sharing your Grey BioStik™ unit?

If the BioStik™ was locked with your fingerprint; only your fingerprint can unlock the BioStik™. If you shared the device with someone else and they enrolled more fingerprints of themselves or others, then their fingerprint might be on the device, (maybe not yours) and you must first get their fingerprint to open to the enrolment mode. There are 5 templates only; as you add fingerprints after the first 5, then one is deleted. Those who have their fingerprint template registered on the BioStik™ have total access to the drive, it’s contents and the enrolment mode.

Sharing your Black BioStik™ unit with "Admin Features"?
The Black casing BioStik™ with Admin rights locks the first two fingerprints permanently. If you are a company, make sure its given to a high ranking employee, insure that person will stay with the company as long as possible. Once that is done, if you are sharing the BioStik™ with others, as a permanent administrator, you always have access. The Black BioStiks with "Admin feature" have 6 fingerprint templates total; 2 permanent and 4 fingerprint templates that can be replaced and deleted.

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