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Drivers are only needed for Mac OS 8.6 and earlier systems.
Mac OS 9.x/OS X are all plug and play.


For Mac OS 9.x/OS X, drivers are not needed.

The BioStik is fully functional with this O.S. When the BioStik is plugged into your Mac, a new icon named "Untitled" representing the BioStik will be located on your desktop and could be used as a storage device. Before removing the BioStik, drag the "Untitled" icon to the trash making it disconnectable.

For Mac OS 8.6 you will need to install drivers yourself.
Please follow the directions below.

1. Please download the BioStik driver file "BioStik-V-2-Mac8.6.sit".
2. Make a new directory on your "C" drive, for example c:\BioStik driver\. Then unzip the
     file "BioSik-V-2-Mac8.6.sit" into that directory.
Plug in the BioStik and place an authorized fingerprint on the device.


Mac AES Encryption for the BioStikTM.

Encrypted Disk Image Support on Mac OS X v10.2.x, v10.3.x
Please follow the directions below.

To “Encrypted Mac Disk Image for the BioStik,” you would create an Encrypted Disk Image the size of the USB volume and create it directly on the BioStik or create it and drag it to the BioStik.  The BioStik would then have just one large file which is then 'mounted' on Mac OS X as a volume with the desired disk formatting. You can also partition a disk image as well as create multiple and different format volumes on a single encrypted Disk Image.

Here are a few links to the Encrypted Disk Image Support on Mac OS X v10.2.x, v10.3.x, ....  The thing is to keep in mind is that Mac OS X provides built-in Encrypted Storage (AES-128) which can be physically stored on ANY accessible media type:  CD, DVD, USB HD/Dongle, FireWire HD, File Server, ......... 

Mac OS X: About Encrypted Disk Images

Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3: How to create a password-protected (encrypted) disk image

Mac OS X 10.3: FileVault - How to verify or repair a home directory image

Information on Encrypted Disk Image was provided by Apple Computer, Inc.
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Possible Files Needed:

BioStik Quick Connect Guide
This quick connect guide will show you step by step exactly how to enroll fingerprints.

BioStik Mac 8.6 Drivers
The drivers necessary to complete the instructions above.


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