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Windows 2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista are all plug and play.
Drivers are only needed for Windows 98 SE and earlier systems.

Windows NT operating system does not support USB and BioStik

For Windows 98 you will need to install drivers yourself.
Please follow the directions below.

  1. Do not plug in the BioStik before installation of the driver.
  2. Please download the BioStik driver file "".
  3. Make a new directory on your "C" drive, for example c:\BioStik driver\. Then unzip the
       file "" into that directory (A total of seven files are in the directory).
  4. Plug in the BioStik and place an authorized fingerprint on the device.
  5. After authentication, the computer will require the proper drivers to access the drive.
       Click "Next" to continue.
  6. Check "Search for the best driver for your device (Recommended)". Click "Next"
        to continue.
  7. Check "Specify a location" and browse to the directory where "" is
       unzipped (for example c:\BioStik driver\). Click "Next" to continue.

You have completed the first part of the driver installation. Please proceed with the directions below.

  8. The PC then identifies a "USB disk controller" and asks for a driver.
  9. Repeat step 7 - (Specify the location that was unzipped to and 
       Click "Next" to continue.)
10. The driver should now be completely installed. Once installation is completed, you
       will see an icon showing a "Removable Disk" drive in your "My Computer" folder.

Possible Files Needed:

BioStik Quick Connect Guide
This guide will show you how to create an authorized fingerprint.

BioStik Windows 98 Drivers
The drivers necessary to complete the instructions above.