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What is a
BioStik BioStik™is a portable thumbdrive combined with the most secure biometric fingerprint-scanning technology. Your sensitive or confidential information and data files stay encrypted until your fingerprint, in less than 1 second, is scanned to allow access. No passwords used or needed to remember!
 What is different about the BioStik and other products?
Secured data storage with fingerprint verification
Multi-OS Platform
USB Hot Plug and Play
Tamperproof flash memory
Easy to use

does not install software to your PC and thus there is no potential backdoor risk.

does not require the user's fingerprint data to be transfered to the PC for authentication and enrollment. Thus, spyware cannot steal your fingerprint data.
 How do I use my BioStik?
  Simply plug your BioStik into your USB port, place finger onto scanner to authenticate your fingerprint, and the removable hard drive on your PC becomes available for file storage. Just "Drag and Drop" your files. Transporting and securing data has never been so mobile, efficient and reliable before - at the touch of your fingerprint!
  Plug and Play

WHY A BioStik?
As seen in FCW FCW article on Index Security  
BioStik by Index Security

Secure Individual Fingerprint Access
    "No Software" and "No Password"

The highest level of security in the market!

There is NO need to load and install software for the BioStik to work. 
All the security is built into the flash drive with zero interaction with the computer until fingerprint authentication. Only after the BioStik is plugged into a USB port and your fingerprint is accepted, does the USB port open. Everything is self-contained on the BioStik for simple, secure, and portable use.

Biometrics: Unlike a password; there is no question to the identity of the user.
Protect yourself!

What happens if you lost your flash memory USB drive?
Do you have confidential files you do not what others to see?

BioStik™ is the ultimate in digital security and the best insurance to guarantee your personal data
 is secured when mobile. It's a Digital Safe.

BioStik logo
No passwords are needed! No Software is needed!

Security made easy!      
With the BioStik™  there is "No need for passwords" and "No Software is needed". Carry your data from a PC, to a Mac, to a Linux, to a Solaris computer and just plug into the USB port.

Connect the BioStik™ to any computer with a USB Port. NO Software needed!

Fast and Accurate Authentication

 offers the most accurate verification in the world and with the fastest authentication speed of less than 1 second.

Secured Access Authorization
Everything is on the Stik!
There is No communication between your PC and BioStik
until your fingerprint is verified.

Secured Data
Only the enrolled user can gain access to  data on the BioStik
. Data is encrypted within the BioStikand the storage IC is specially protected against any attempt of removal. Removal or tampering will damage the capsulated IC,  rendering all of the data on the unit useless and indecipherable.

No Installation Required
True, "Hot plug and play". No software installation is needed for the BioStik
to work on most Operating Systems- No worries of Software, Spy-ware, Viruses, etc. The user is not required to bring along a software installation CD when transporting data.

Simply plug the BioStik into the USB port and upon authentication by the user's fingerprint, the BioStik is automatically recognized  by the operating system and you will see an icon showing a "Removable Disk" drive in your "My Computer" folder.

It's Password Free!

Only a fingerprint! Passwords are subject to theft even via embedded software that reads the user's keystroke.  Password based USB storage offers low security, and the user has to carry around a CD to install software before the user can use the device. The BioStik
 eliminates these problems and gives the user entry by their fingerprint only. 

Up to 6 (Black) unique fingerprints can be
stored for verification depending on the BioStik.


The BioStik features a cap that protects the unit when it is not in use.

BioStik by Index Security

The worst enemy of any fingerprint identification device is dirt and the protection of the scanner chip is critical. There is a clear plastic sliding cover to protect the scanner, which is the main biometric component of the BioStik. Around the scanner chip is a metal ground for ESD protection. The BioStik™  is the only one to offer these crucial protective features. 

*Call 732-531-9209 and ask about :
PKI Enterprise Network Infrastructure

A DoD Grade Security Solution with "Triple Factor Authentication", Transaction Audit Trail, Fips-140 Encryption,
TS/SCI approved for sharing sensitive data.
The user BioStik enables access to the Secured Enterprise BioPKI Network; Personal Identification Verification (PIV)

The Ultimate in Network Data Protection with a Transaction Audit trail.

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