BioStik               Security is everyone's responsibility, make it yours...  BioStik          

All of our products are plug and play and multi-platform!
No Software Needed! -

BioStik Products     1GB Unit     2GB Unit


φ Fingerprint Biometric Security
φ Scans your finger in less than 1 second
φ Encryption (proprietary)
φ Hot Plug & Play- NO SOFTWARE and drivers needed!*
φ Cross platform for superior mobility
φ Protective Clear plastic covering for scanner - USB Protective Cap
φ BioStik contains an Anti-Tampering Solution where if the casing
    is breeched, the IC, which is encapsulated in an epoxy, will self


φ Small, lightweight
φ Eliminates blocked ports and orientation challenges
φ Bends and rotates 180˚
φ NO SOFTWARE and cross platform!
φ Perfect for notebook

TwistUSB Cable

φ 6 feet cable molded into TwistUSB
φ Perfect extension for the most cramped environments
φ TwistUSB end bends and rotates 180˚
φ Unlimited positioning options!

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